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Money Bootcamp

The doors to Money Bootcamp with Carol are now open!

Come and join us in Money Bootcamp and you will learn:

  • What are your money beliefs and the reasons why they are sabotaging you

  • How to create wealthy goals that stick

  • How to release shame and guilt around debt and pay it off quickly

  • How to unlock trauma to create more wealth and financial freedom

  • How to use money management tools and strategies to shift into a wealth mindset and manage your money with ease

  • How to increase your financial flow so that you can hold onto more money with ease

  • Worksheets and journaling to strengthen your relationship with money

  • How to reframe any negative beliefs that are no longer servicing you by using recorded meditations


Join Money Bootcamp with Carol and you will have:

  • Access to my LIVE 6 Week Money Bootcamp Business Course (all recorded) with weekly assignments

  • Access to two 1:1 session with me to help you to track your money and your financial progress. Each session is 45 minutes.

  • Access to recorded meditations that will help you on your money journey

  • Exclusive access to our private Facebook Group community

  • Worksheets and journaling to strengthen your relationship with money


I will be supporting you each week for the next 6 weeks to help you on your money journey plus I will provide ongoing monthly group coaching support for an additional three months.


I am an expert at money mindset and wealth creation. I am a Chartered Professional Accountant with over 20 years experience, and also an NLP Master Practitioner.


I know what it feels like to be an over giver, over spender and a people pleaser. However, one advantage I had was the practical knowledge to grow wealth. And now together with the emotional mindset and the practical knowledge, I am walking in my wealthy boots. Come join me and walk in your wealthy boots too. I am so excited to support you!


New session starts this month.


Come join us and let’s build our wealth together!


If you are interested in taking this program, please contact me at: or message me.

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