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Money Beliefs = Money Talks

This workshop, Money Beliefs = Money Talks is a game changer that will prompt you to question your current beliefs and language about money.  Did you know that negative money beliefs are expressed through your language and shows up in your results?  

When you try something new and it doesn’t go as planned, how are you speaking to yourself? Are you upset and beating yourself up over things you can’t change?  Instead, you should praise yourself for taking a chance and acknowledge the feedback you’ve received. Pat yourself on the back for having tried and move on to the next goal.   Beliefs are just opinions, by replacing the negative beliefs with positive ones and practicing positive self-talk daily, will help transform your life. 

By using our strategies, you will quickly become aware of which beliefs are helping you and the ones that are sabotaging you. You can easily release the sabotaging beliefs and replace them so that your dreams can become a reality.

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