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What is an Master Mind Group?

Being part of a Master Mind Group will motivate you to focus and complete your goals.  As a business owner, sometimes we find excuses, such as we are too busy and do not have enough time to even set goals, or we are feeling overwhelmed and are anxious that we may not complete our goals.   In a Master Mind Group, you will be setting up, focusing, and tracking your goals and sharing the progress with the other members of the group.

Having clear goals in a Master Mind Group, allows you to determine where you are right now and helps you plan a set of actions to accomplish these goals. This can lead to increased confidence, better decision making and higher productivity. As you complete your goals, you will feel a sense of purpose, personal satisfaction, and will have better health.  As part of a Master Mind Group, one of the things that motivates me, is seeing how the other women are dealing with and overcoming obstacles to reach their goals.  I enjoy sharing their wins and feel proud and confident when I share my progress, knowing I am in a nonjudgmental and safe place with this group.  Another advantage is the members have a wealth of knowledge and skills and are happy to share their thoughts.

Being part of a Master Mind Group has helped me to become more accountable! 

Join my Master Mind Group and let me show you how to start making your goals a reality. The accountability group meets once a month for 6 months.

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